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What is LinkedIn Learning?
What topics/courses are available?
What type of content is available on LinkedIn Learning?
Did LinkedIn Learning used to be called Lynda.com?
How do I log in to LinkedIn Learning for the first time?
How do I log back in to LinkedIn Learning after activating?
Do I need to connect my LinkedIn profile to my learning account?
If I connect my Learning account to my LinkedIn profile, what can my employer/institution have access to?
If I activate without a LinkedIn profile but later want to connect it, can I do so?
If I activate with a LinkedIn profile but later want to disconnect it, can I do so?
Can I control what learning information is displayed on my LinkedIn profile?
How do I change my language on LinkedIn Learning?
How do I use LinkedIn Learning as a user?
How do I use LinkedIn Learning as an administrator?
What certifications & continuing education units/professional development units are offered through LinkedIn Learning?
Where can I see my learning history?
Can I save courses or videos to watch later?
Can I download/print course completion certificates?
What is the difference between a learning path and a collection?
What are weekly goals on LinkedIn Learning?
How do I set weekly goals for Learning?
What LinkedIn Learning technical support options do learners have?
What assistance does the LinkedIn Learning Help Desk assist with?
How can I see when new courses are added?
Is there a mobile app?
Can I download content for offline viewing?
If I have a great idea for a course topic and consider myself an expert in that area, can I apply to become an instructor?


* Through a CNA account, students, faculty and staff members have access to all the features of a LinkedIn Learning account.
* All courses taken are owned by LinkedIn Learning and any data stored will be within the LinkedIn Learning ecosystem.

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Contact the DLS Helpdesk for:
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  • Assistance with initial registration

Additional LinkedIn Learning Resources:
Contact LinkedIn Learning Customer Support for:
  • Technical questions or trouble after you successfully login
  • Help obtaining login credentials
  • Any changes to contact information
  • Site Navigation
  • Help locating courses
  • Help with Certificates of Completion
  • Help creating Collections and/or Learning Paths
  • Course requests